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21st-Oct-2013 12:48 pm - Characters on KnK
After watching three episodes of Kyoukai no Kanata, I must say that the characters that have be intrigued and I like the most (male) are Hiroomi Nase and Iori Ichinomiya.

KnK Ep3_0147

KnK Ep3_0148

KnK Ep3_0397

KnK Ep3_0445

KnK Ep3_0532

KnK Ep3_0852

KnK Ep3_1927

KnK Ep3_Hiroomi & Iori

Here are some of my awesome screencaps of them both.
Iori questioning Izumi about youmu and Hiroomi being his cold but cool self; I don't find his 'sister complex' disturbing: alongside Akkey's glasses fetish it adds some nice humour to the anime.
21st-Oct-2013 12:37 pm - Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3
KnK Ep3_0376

Iori Ichinomiya is the Intelligence Office of the Spirit Warrior Society.

KnK Ep3_0387

KnK Ep3_0416

KnK Ep3_0447

Discussing youmu with Izumi Nase; Hiroomi and Mitsuki's older sister - who has the ability to glaciate barriers.

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On a basic level youmu appear to be monsters that roam the human world feeding off their negative emotions. They are invisible to the human eye and due to the arrival of the Hollow Shadow have become aggressive.

KnK Ep3_1274

The appearance of the Hollow Shadow is making the sky appear purple.

KnK Ep3_1284

But this is what the human eye will see.

KnK Ep3_1307

KnK Ep3_1309

KnK Ep3_1346

KnK Ep3_1353

KnK Ep3_1512

The manifestation of the Hollow Shadow.

KnK Ep3_1932

KnK Ep3_1933

Hiroomi creating his barrier.

KnK Ep3_1972

KnK Ep3_2026

Iori's speciality seems to be revealed... modestly.

KnK Ep3_2028

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KnK Ep3_2255

KnK Ep3_2256

KnK Ep3_2259

KnK Ep3_2260

KnK Ep3_Hollow Shadow

KnK Ep3_2263

KnK Ep3_2264
18th-Oct-2013 04:13 pm - Ouka Yuuouji
NouCome Ep1_0747

NouCome Ep1_0748

NouCome Ep1_0749

NouCome Ep1_0750

NouCome Ep1_0751

NouCome Ep1_0752

NouCome Ep1_0753

NouCome Ep1_0754

NouCome Ep1_0756

NouCome Ep1_0779

NouCome Ep1_0781

NouCome Ep1_0782

NouCome Ep1_0783

NouCome Ep1_0784

NouCome Ep1_0788

NouCome Ep1_0790

NouCome Ep1_Ouka_Yuuouji


She climbs to the second floor of the school building, lands a perfect flip into the classroom and then presents the class with all sorts of beauty paraphernalia. To finish she tells the class of a story about her mother pleasuring herself at the table asking her if she wants a baby sister... Minus the R18 material.
Member of the Weird Five - I think so!

It'll be a battle between Ouka and Chocolat for my favourite cute character I think.
NouCome Ep1_Choices
NouCome Ep1_0402
NouCome Ep1_0396
NouCome Ep1_0340
NouCome Ep1_0310
NouCome Ep1_0254
NouCome Ep1_0177

What an interesting anime I seem to have gotten involved into recently; not only with a long title but a weird cast of characters. An anime purely based on the choices we make, applied to Kanade Amakusa - who at the beginning of the episode presents himself as a pervert. Not that I'm at all bothered by this; we are all perverted in our own way and naughty magazines are just a part of that habit (for guys, I presume.) Anyhow; Kanade's curse is 'Absolute Choice' that pops up randomly: say within the first few minutes of the first episode. Telling Kanade to pick one of two options... Or else.
So what does he do: of course, he sniffs the naughty magazine and the story progresses!
Call it weird, sick or whatever but it's funny. What he has to do is hilarious and the fact that Kanade doesn't enjoy this part of his life makes you enjoy it all the more. Something about watching other people's suffering gives you a buzz, there's not denying it nor harm in accepting it. It's humour; you can't take it seriously. So I didn't, I laughed and carried on enjoying myself.

Of the anime I am watching this season - I'll admit this is the funniest.
I'm only watching it for kicks, and so should everyone else. It's not a great loss, only unless you don't enjoy it, and your a fool if you don't. Anyhow I don't have much more to say on the matter; except I'm enjoying this anime with all it's oddity and humour.

I'm also screencapping this anime; only because the girls are cute and I like the vibrancy of the show.
KnK Ep2_Mirai

Mirai looks so beautiful under the moonlight.

I bid you all goodnight; I wish I looked like this passed out.
14th-Oct-2013 09:50 pm - Djinn Equip Vinea
Magi S2 Ep2_0825
Magi S2 Ep2_0829
Magi S2 Ep2_0831
Magi S2 Ep2_0835
Magi S2 Ep2_0843
Magi S2 Ep2_0844
Magi S2 Ep2_0845
Magi S2 Ep2_0848
Magi S2 Ep2_0849
Magi S2 Ep2_0852
Magi S2 Ep2_0857
Magi S2 Ep2

I absolutely love Kougyoku's Djinn Transformation!
So beautiful.
10th-Oct-2013 01:36 pm - Sinbad & Kougyoku
Sinbad x Kougyoku gif
8th-Oct-2013 02:16 pm - On Writing
I was feeling a bit down last week - today Tuesday - feeling down on top of still feeling down again was really horrible 'cause it isn't anything to do with a personal issue. It's just my stories. Plural, I certainly have more than one.
I had originally been pretty content with my new sci-fi ero short story; slightly psychological, or I'm hoping it will be; but I write a good portion of it (five pages) and I'm struggling to write down the scene where my main character faces a huge part of her past and a man responsible for who she truly is. It's one of my major writers block symptoms.
I cured it a little by finding inspiration in another story idea - dealing with angels and demons, again a short story - but again I get a serious case of writers block; because the main character in this story is quickly thrown into a situation that will influence her status in Heaven AND Hell.
To be hit with writers block again and again in such a short space of time; is much more than infuriating - in some ways I'm doubtful of my ability to write to the best of my ability or I'm left wondering if there is a story in what I am writing at all.
However; I've been given a glimmer of hope. My first short story mentioned above, has shown me a path further down the story and I'm hoping given time; my short story on Heaven and Hell brings the same enlightenment.
I must note; I'm only writing these short stories to detract from the obstacle I still need to overcome from my first novel!

I'll get there eventually.
I will write all my life; I need to write, it's a form of expression I'm beginning to feel comfortable with.
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